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County Rd 690 Bridge Repair

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The Guernsey County Highway Department is charged with the operations and maintenance of 425 miles of road and 314 bridges.  We have roads with a variety of surface treatments, ranging from asphalt to gravel.  Our bridges range from local one lane timber decked structures to multi-span, concrete and steel highways spanning over 100 feet.  Our dedicated employees must be knowledgeable on several different techniques for caring for all the variety of our infrastructure.

Our typical busiest roads have an average daily traffic (ADT) volume around 3,000 vehicles per day.  This may seem high, but in comparison to Southgate Parkway which has an ADT greater than 30,000, our traffic volumes are very small.  We have traffic counts of less than 50, the state standard for very low traffic volumes is 400 ADT.  But most of our roads are in the 300-500 range.

The Engineer’s Office receives the majority of its funding from two sources: A portion of the gasoline tax and a portion of the license plate fee. In addition, the Engineer actively applies for state and federal grants. We receive NO revenue from property taxes or sales taxes. The County Commissioners may, but are not required to contribute anything towards road and bridge maintenance.

Our Team

Meet the Team

Paul Sherry

Paul Sherry

County Engineer

Brian Stone


Years of Service - 42

Morgan Bonnell

Office Manager

Years of Service - 18

Ed Glasgow

Bridge Foreman

Years of Service - 20

Map Department

Mary Roederer


Years of Service - 40

Jim Mercer

GIS Coordinator

Years of Service - 22

Shannon Leek

Map Coordinator

Years of Service - 19

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