Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where do I get a map of my property?

Go to the Tax Map Department on the second floor of the County Administration building or contact the Guernsey County Map Department

Are there any historical property maps available?

The tax map office has scanned images and hard copy maps of much of the county.

I would like to transfer my property. Do I need to have my property surveyed first?

This depends on many factors, such as the quality of the current deed description, or whether you are transferring all or just a portion of your property. The county has Land Transfer Procedures, or Conveyance Standards, that you should review. You can all call or visit the Tax Map Office to have your questions answered.

Where do I find information on road closings?

We try provide a 48-hour notice to the radio and newspaper when possible. Occasionally, emergency repairs or storm damage will cause a road to be closed with little warning. We also list road closings on our website.

Do I need a permit to connect a new or widen an existing driveway to a public road?

Yes, a permit is required and forms are available at the County Engineer’s Office

What are the Department’s operational policies?

Our local policies can be found HERE but much of our operational methods are driven by State and Federal requirements.

How do I get a road opened, relocated, widened, or vacated?

Petitions are required, which must have a legal description. The petition is filed with the County Commissioners. A viewing of the proposed road change is held followed by a formal public hearing. Establishing a road required certain criteria must be met such as how many residences are located along the road. It is not the Township Trustee’s, County Commissioners, or County Engineer’s function to build or open roads. Their responsibility is primarily to maintain roads. You will likely be asked to fund all or part of the requested construction. Contact the County Engineer’s Office at (740) 432-2234 for more information.

Why is my road the last to be snow plowed?

Guernsey County has 9 planned snow routed designed to be as efficient and effective as possible. Certain high traffic roads do get priority because if these routes are not open, secondary routes will back up. Routes are planned to enable each driver to cover a specific area and then return to the cinder and salt storage facility with minimization of backtracking on roads already plowed.

Why hasn’t my road been paved?

The funding amount and methods for infrastructure improvement has not changed in 20 years, as such we are losing our resources to hold a higher level of service for our roads.  As we are able to develop improvement projects roads are evaluated and prioritized based on condition, traffic volume, and type of traffic. The paving plan is then established to meet budget.

How close can I build a fence to the road?

Fences should not be built on the right of way which is typically 30 feet from the center of the road on each side. The sides and rear of the property may be place at the property line. Many fences already exist in the right of way and may pose a serious hazard.  They will be handled on a case by case basis for removal at the owners expense.

How do I get a house number?

Contact the Guernsey County Map Department, 740-432-9277

Do I need approval for a septic tank before I can subdivide a property or purchase a newly created lot(s)?

Yes. Before a new lot, lots, or a subdivision can be recorded the owner must obtain approval from the County Health Department.

How is the County Highway Department Funded?

The Engineer’s Office receives the majority of its funding from two sources: A portion of the gasoline tax and a portion of the license plate fee. In addition, the Engineer actively applies for state and federal grants. We receive NO revenue from property taxes or sales taxes. The County Commissioners may, but are not required to contribute anything towards road and bridge maintenance.


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