Engineer’s Update

Summer 2019


Construction Update


We have had a slow start to the construction season with the extreme rain this year, but we are catching up quickly.  We appreciate your caution and patience as we work on the road and cause delays, our goal is to make repairs quickly and let travelers return to their regular routes as soon as possible.


RUMA route repairs are continuing on McCoy Rd with a bridge replacement and slip repairs on Frankfort Road.  Regular maintenance with chip and seal and asphalt patches are active on Putney Ridge and Salem Roads. Also, Sligo Road is getting a full depth reconstruction and base stabilization. This work is being done in cooperation with the Oil and Gas drillers and transporters working in the area.  We work to ensure that the roads are in better condition as traffic volumes increase through the construction phases.


Our County crew has replaced over 60 culverts in preparation of the resurfacing of several roads and continue to mow all the paved roads as fast as possible. Additionally, this year we are completing the County wide “grader ditching” on the paved roads in western half of the County.  This process takes the edge of grass and soil that builds up along the pavement and interferes with good drainage.  This is important for operations year-round because water is the number one detriment to our roads.


The 11 miles of 8th Street Road resurfacing is nearing completion.  Shelly & Sands have been able to complete repairs, leveling course of asphalt, and some final courses as well.  The pavement markings, rumble stripes and berming will wrap this project up next month.


As that project ends, we will be starting the resurfacing of 7 miles on Institute and Bob’s Run Roads. This work has been bid and awarded to NLS Paving.  The project includes a leveling and surface layer of asphalt, pavement markings, reflectors, and centerline rumble stripe.


Looking into September, we will begin our second pass of mowing, grader patching and a bridge replacement. Each of these will be done by in-house crews at various locations in the County.


The new bridge is located on CR 19 in Spencer Township and will require a road closure of about 2 weeks, to be scheduled later.  To keep closure time as short as possible, we complete much of the fabrication in the garage prior to the road closure (see photo).


We thank the travelers and residents for their patience and understanding as we do our best to serve them in a safe and respectful manner.





Paul E. Sherry, PE, PS

Guernsey County Engineer

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